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Quality control

Quality control:
Complete control from the mine to load on board
? We have professional technicians who hang up their hats in the main rich mines of Southwest China. They hold the responsibility of testing, searching and finding the best mine deposit. They will evaluate the quality of the mine first before any mining planning. Our people will keep supervising on the spot to assure the best operation method and keep the products out of pollution and make sure of that what has been exploited is exactly the grade we required. All of the raw material will be stored in one area of good condition without any pollution and convenient to load directly to the train. All of our minerals are packed with small bags except for the drilling grade barite, to avoid polluting. Before loading to the train we will check the condition of each train wagon and will avoid to making any loading in the raining day.

? All the goods will be delivered to Zhanjiang port and will be discharged directly to our warehouse after our first physical and chemical testing. Then there are no other convey during the period to avoid any unnecessary pollution. After getting the notice of the arrival of the train, we will arrange sample testing immediately to each train wagon by a particular proportion. Only the qualified are permitted to be carried into our warehouse for next process.

Stockpile Area for raw material

? All the processing will be done in the factory. To assure the best quality, most of the raw material will be washed by clean water and go through a process called impurity clearing. (In fact this’s the second time for impurity clearing because one has been done before in the mine. And it’s done by worker by hand.) And during this period we will also make sample for testing timely. When comes to the grinding process, which is the most important one for powder product making, we must pay more attention on the pollution here. We have thinking out new method to make the machine working more efficient and to produce powder of higher quality. Sample will be made each hour and be testing in our laboratory. The result will show us the problem and then we can made prompt response and remediation as required.

? Before goods loading, we will draw samples for those product for final inspection and for future tracing usage, too. Usually after all the product are ready and the shipping date’s confirmed, we will make an application for inspection ASAP, then the CQIQ (official inspection bureau of China) will come to our factory to take sample for testing. And the qualified product will get the certification issued by them. So our products are under authentication by national’s official authority organization. (Remark: Dated from Jan 1st, 2009, Inspection of barite product by government's authorized department for exporting is no longer a necessary progress)
? If required by client, we can also arrange sample testing by HKNIGHT, who is located in the same district with us in the seaport. And there’s also a SGS office in Zhanjiang near the port that we can apply for it very expediently.
? In the day we are loading goods especially powder, we must avoid any raining possibility.



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